On Demand Master Classes

*We had to postpone filming on demand courses this year due to unforeseen virus action. That upset our release schedule. Sorry about that. We will be resuming filming and uploads shortly. Stay frosty and email us any questions you have about scheduling.

AFW On Demand Master Classes are video master classes from author and award winning screenwriter Max Adams. Max's lectures are filmed and edited in advance of release and are available 24/7 online. Think TED Talks. Think Max. Think 24/7 access. Yay!

On Demand lectures explore and illuminate writing strategies and techniques writers may apply immediately in their own writing and script projects to immediately and dramatically improve script quality and impact. Lectures are an hour and a half long and are broken into sections that may be viewed back to back, or viewed as time allows, in shorter increments over time.

Individual AFW On Demand presentations are accessible for two months after purchase – Or, if you purchase the AFW All Access Master Pass, available 24/7 during the full duration of the Master Pass membership year.

Your Instructor

Max Adams

Max Adams is an author and award winning screenwriter. She has written for Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, & Universal Pictures – and a couple others to remain unnamed because no one around here wants to get black listed. Oops.

She is a former volunteer AFI Alumni reader and WGAw online mentor, has appeared as a speaker at AMPAS, USC, and Film Arts Foundation, is a former University of Utah and New York Film Academy instructor, is the author of The New Screenwriter's Survival Guide, and is the founder of two international online screenwriting workshops including the semi-notorious 5150.

In addition to screenwriting, Max is a published author, journalist, short fiction writer, essayist, humorist, and produced playwright & radio writer.


On Demand Master Video Courses
With Max Adams


  • "The input I got from Max Adams lifted my script, 'Redemption,' from a SemiFinalist to a Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting award winner."

    Patricia Burroughs
    Nicholl Fellowship Winner

  • "I've taken all of Max's classes and quite simply, her focused methods and attention to detail blow every other screenwriting class out of the water."

    Julie Howe
    Austin Film Festival Winner

  • "If you want someone to challenge you to dive deep and pull the BEST out of yourself, Max is that whip-smart coach, teacher, and mentor."

    Ana Maria Montoya
    Sundance Screenwriting Labs Winner

  • "Max Adams is one of the most knowledgeable and talented people in screenwriting that I know, all writers need to hear what Max Adams has to say."

    Kerry Valderamma
    Writer/Director: Garrison; Sanitarium

  • "Max is as smart, tough, and entertaining as she sounds in her book. It’s hard to imagine a better mentor."

    Al Finocchio
    Los Angeles Independent Film
    Festival Award Winner

  • "Max’s workshop was a transformative experience for me as a young writer."

    Gwenda Bond
    NYT Best Selling Author

  • "The brilliance of taking Max Adams’ classes is you start seeing improvement in your writing almost immediately."

    Toni McGee Causey
    USA Today Best Selling Author

  • "I carried Max's advice over to my fiction and have now sold & published five novels."

    Nancy Bilyeau
    International Award Winning Author

  • "Max Adams is the kind of smart, engaging teacher that made me want to be a better writer — and she helped me do it."

    Alvaro Rodriguez
    Staff Writer: From Dusk Till Dawn The Series; Chicago Fire

Who Will Benefit from AFW Courses

EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE!! Okay, wait, back up. WE believe that but we ARE biased so more specifically –

  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced screenwriting students looking to learn, build, sharpen and hone craft skills writing for the screen.

  • Pro screenwriters looking to sharpen up and refresh dynamic craft skills -- quit it, athletes never stop training, when is the last time YOU hit the brain gym?

  • Novelists & short story writers looking to sharpen dialogue, visuals and action descriptions & impact on the prose page.

  • Playwrights transitioning between writing for the stage and writing for the screen.

  • Industry professionals looking to hone their analytic skills evaluating material for clients, production, development and the screen.

  • Talent looking to strengthen and hone analytic skills evaluating & considering material to attach to.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a writing sample required for On Demand Master Courses?

    No. All On Demand Master Courses are available to anyone who wishes to purchase them.

  • How long are the On Demand presentations?

    Presentation running time is between an hour and an hour and a half for each On Demand presentation.

  • How long will I have access to On Demand Master Courses?

    •A one time purchase of an On Demand Master Course gives you two month access to the individual course starting on the course release date.

    The Master Pass gives you full time access to all On Demand Master Courses released during the Master Pass membership year.

  • Why aren't all the On Demand Master Courses available immediately?

    We're giving ourselves breathing time between releases to film and edit each On Demand presentation right.

  • What happens if an On Demand Master Course launches late?

    If we miss a release date, we'll let you know our new estimated release date. Your two month access starts on release date and will not expire early.

  • What happens if an On Demand Master Course launches early?

    If you have pre-purchased the On Demand Master Course, we'll give you a heads up it is releasing early and you will have immediate access to it early. Also, after release dates, courses kick back up to the regular price. The pre-launch prices are a limited time only offer subject to change without notice.

  • Is Max available for questions during the On Demand Master Course?

    No. The On Demand Master Courses are pre-recorded and Max is not present while you watch them. This is good for you because you can watch them any time, any place. It is also good for Max – she has to sleep sometime.

  • What if I have questions after I see the On Demand Master Course?

    Watch it again! Okay. Kidding. (Sort of.) If you have questions after watching the On Demand Master Course, you may post questions in the review area. We can't promise Max will be able to respond to all individual questions though.

  • How long are the pre-launch prices available?

    Pre-launch prices are available for a limited time only during our pre-sale launch and are subject to change at our discretion without notice. Grab those now!

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