Filmmaker Feature: Joan Philo

Cinema Life

Joan Philo writes short scripts, feature scripts, and sketch comedy. She graduated from Chicago’s Second City Comedy Writing Program. She lives in Chicago and casts extras (non-speaking talent) for TV and FILM ( “Chicago Fire” “Chicago Med” “The Dark Knight” “Ali”). She also has a blast creating and selling film greeting cards on her Darling Series website. From Joan: I think I have a guitar problem. I own ten of them -- :::continue reading:::

Rising Star Max Adams


My favorite writing writing/directing quote is, “I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.” For me, that’s one of the truest statements ever made about writing and filmmaking. It doesn’t matter what emotions an actor portrays on a screen if an audience isn’t feeling an emotion. The main character in a film, for an audience, is not the character on screen. The main character, for an audience, is the audience member. :::continue reading:::

The Blue: Book Review and Conversation with Nancy Bilyeau

V. S. Kemanis

I named a character, Pierre Billiou, after my own ancestor, though it is not his life I am describing. I wanted to pay homage to my Huguenot background by using his name. The Pierre in my novel fled France for England as a young child after Louis XIV took action against the Protestants in his kingdom in 1685—it’s called the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Basically, the King was canceling -- :::continue reading:::

Melanie Laurent, Alexandre Aja, Vincent Maraval Team for Netflix Survival Thriller 'O2'

Hollywood Reporter

O2 tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a medical cryo unit. She doesn’t remember who she is or how she ended up sequestered in a box no larger than a coffin. As she’s running out of oxygen, she must rebuild her memory to find a way out of her nightmare. The original script by Christie LeBlanc was on the Black List -- :::continue reading:::

Ana Maria Montoya Selected for 2016 Latino Screenwriting Project Lab

UCLA Extension News

Ana Maria Montoya has been selected as one of four 2016 Latino Screenwriting Project Lab Fellows, and is headed to San Antonio to take part in the Sundance-sponsored 3-day workshop. Ana Maria, who won 2nd place in the 2011 UCLA Extension Feature Film Competition and who was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2012 Feature Film Competition -- :::continue reading:::

Screenwriters to Watch: Jules Howe

Austin Film Festival

Jules Howe is a renowned physicist who recently discovered….wait…that’s a lie. Jules Howe is a human. She lives in Northern California. She was born on April 14th, the same day in history that the Titanic actually sank to the bottom of the sea. All those statements are true, as is the rest of what she’s about to say. Jules’ script Jasper Milliken was lucky enough to win the comedy category at AFF in 2010. This opened many doors and gave her enough clout to -- :::continue reading:::

The Path to Writing a Southern Gothic tale of Suspense

The Big Thrill

Ten years ago at the very first Thrillerfest in Phoenix, I met Toni McGee Causey in person, after first meeting online through Backspace, the writer’s community co-managed by ITW’s own Karen Dionne. We were both debut authors—my first book came out in 2006, Toni’s out in 2007. We were new to the business; naive and excited and terrified by the process. We bonded over kalamata olive dip -- :::continue reading:::

From Script to Netflix: Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

Script Magazine

Dan Goforth shares the journey from script to Neflix of the story of professional barrel racer and inspirational speaker Amberley Snyder is brought to the screen in Walk. Ride. Rodeo. :::continue reading:::

Kirsten McNaule: Writer/Director

Digi60 Alumni Interview

I’ve come a long way in a short time. I started young, my first film I did was in 2000. My turning point was when I met my cinematographer in college, so the production value has come a long way. By creating a better product people will want to collaborate with you, which is good. I also made a lot of good connections through Digi60, which makes low budget projects easy because you get good equipment contributed to us for free -- :::continue reading:::

"Stranger Things" gets a girl gang in the prequel novel "Suspicious Minds"


Bond is the author of numerous YA novels, including three Lois Lane novels and the Cirque American series, and, with her husband Christopher Rowe, the middle grade series "The Supernormal Sleuthing Service." (She's also an occasional Salon contributor.) We spoke this week about writing within the "Stranger Things" universe, drawing on personal history to recreate the time period and how the tight friend group in "Suspicious Minds" came to life. -- ::::::continue reading:::

Rising Star Filmmaker Tonia Kempler On The Five Things You Need To Shine In The Entertainment Industry

Authority Magazine

Tonia Kempler lives in New York, though her roots run deep in a rural south still steeped in the occult traditions of the Gullah Geechee and the animism of the Cherokees. Growing up surrounded by the lore and practices of these mystical cultures, Tonia leans toward macabre worlds and isolated, damaged, yet capable and empathic female leads. This personal connection drives her concentration on Supernatural Horror/Thrillers, and dark comedies, including features, pilots, shorts, web series, and podcasts. :::continue reading:::

Multi-Hyphenate Writer Tonia Kempler Shares Strategies for a Writing Career and Screenwriting Contest Success

Script Magazine

The name Tonia Kempler popped up in a recent conversation, and when I dug deeper, her tenacity and contest successes compelled me to reach out and learn more. She writes features, TV pilots, shorts, comics, web series, and graphic novels. That's my kinda writer. :::continue reading:::

Tyrese Gibson Producing, Starring in Thriller ‘Inside Game’


Written by Gibson and Ryan Jackson (“Blood List”), “The Inside Game” is a dramatic thriller set in a lurid world of blackmail and extortion. Gibson will play the lead role of Jamal Smith, a Miami police officer with a penchant for not doing things by the book who is suspended for excessive force. When he returns home to the urban streets of Atlanta, he finds himself thrown into the dark underworld of high stakes blackmail and extortion, which has ensnared his brother, a pro football star. :::continue reading:::